SellingTo The Point 1-day skill building Workshop

Decision Coaching Mastery requires know-how and practice!


selling to the point workshop


Get BOTH at our Selling To The Point skill-building workshop

Delivered in Six— Interactive 45 minute modules. for scheduling flexibility. We can conduct the entire workshop in one day, or in any fraction of six:  (Two—3hr modules, Three—2hr. modules, or Six—1hr. modules)




You’ll learn and practice:

  • Employing customer coaching skills
    • Increase your sales
    • Improve your customer relationships
    • Make selling fun!
  • Tools to improve your customers’ buying processes
    • Get stuck customers unstuck
    • Address procrastination at its source
    • Identify and eliminate decision making interference
  • Secure higher quality buying decisions
    • Ensure the decision to buy is integrated with the customer’s beliefs and values
    • Customer takes ownership for their buying decision
    • Customer more clearly understands the product’s value
  • Customer awareness skills
    • Have more clarity about your customer’s needs
    • Create presentations that are more aligned with your customer’s priorities
    • Identify underlying obstacles to buying of your customer
    • You customer will feel understood and valued
  • Keys for increasing customer motivation and loyalty
    • Customers will take initiative, even when their salesperson isn’t there. For example, using the product, reordering the product, recommending the product to others, telling competitors they’re satisfied with your product, recommending product on social media
    • Reduce the frequency of visits you need to make to the same customers
    • Faster onboarding
  • Strategies for handling the unexpected
    • Increase your versatility
  • Customers consider you to be a trusted member of their decision team
    • Learn if competitors are bidding on the same project
    • Learn who else is involved in the decision process
    • Avoid customers withholding information from you