Be Your Customer's Decision Coach

A Silent Conversation Determines Success for all Salespeople!

Every sales presentation requires two separate conversations for successful selling. Most attention is paid to “Conversation A”, which is the selling-conversation between the salesperson and customer. However, “Conversation B” is more important. It’s the silent buying-conversation happening between the customer’s ears. These are two distinctly different conversations. For example, during the selling-conversation a salesperson may say, “I have the lowest price.” Inside the silent buying-conversation a customer may be saying, “They must use low quality materials.”

As a sales trainer, I found it strange that traditional sales training gives Conversation A all the attention, when it’s actually Conversation B that determines success. This is why I’m made it my personal mission to demystify the customer’s internal buying-conversation. It’s where the rubber meets the road.

Traditional sales training courses refer to the internal buying-conversation (Conversation B) as a “black box”. I think a better herm for it is “decision-making.” Decision-making is at the heart of who we are. Our standing in society, our educational background, and even how we project ourselves to the outside world, are all results of decisions we make. Salespeople can play a transformational role by helping customers make better decisions. #decisioncoaching #successfulselling

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