Every sale involves two conversations. Most of the attention is paid to “Conversation A”. “Conversation A” is the selling-conversation between the salesperson and the customer. However, there’s also a “Conversation B”. “Conversation B” is the silent internal buying-conversation happening between the customer’s ears. These are two distinctly different conversations. For example, during the selling-conversation a salesperson may be saying, “I have the lowest price.” However, the customer’s internal buying-conversation may be saying, “This salesperson’s company must be using cheap raw materials.”

“Conversation B” is more important. Salespeople can still get a sale even if “Conversation A” didn’t go well. All they needs is a good “Conversation B”. As a sales trainer, I found it strange that traditional sales training exclusively focuses on the salesperson’s selling performance which is “Conversation A”. It’s actually “Conversation B”, the customer’s buying performance that determines success. This is why I’m made it my personal mission to focus on the customer’s silent internal buying-conversation. It’s where the rubber meets the road for successful selling.

Traditional sales training refers to the internal buying-conversation (Conversation B) as a “black box”. I think a better term for it is “decision-making.” Decision-making is a performance activity just as sports or acting is. It can benefit from coaching. Salespeople who can coach their customers to make better decisions will be more successful.

Our decision-making determines our quality of life. our standing in society, our educational background, and even how we project ourselves to the outside world, are all results of decisions we make. Salespeople play a transformational role by improving the quality of their customers’ decision-making. #decisioncoaching #successfulselling

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  1. Tram N Venkatraman on May 29, 2019 at 4:48 am

    I reckon that the sales person has to make a trust driven impact to be able to co-create in the process of buy-sell cycle. Once the connect is established through trust & confidence mainly then the coaching-the-customer-to-buy happens…in our coaching parlance part of this is achieved through the chemistry establishment with the customer. Thereafter it becomes a consultative selling experience vs pushing a box…this is the way this resonates with me given my past back ground as a consultative sales person who was always looking to create a demand through subject matter and customer knowledge and gaining customer confidence..

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