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Selling To The Point-An Inner Game Approach for Salespeople

Selling to the Point by Jeffrey Lipsius


Jeffrey Lipsius may have come up with the most influential book for sales in a decade.”

—Timothy Gallwey-Founder of  The Inner Game

Jeffrey Lipsius was the Vice President of Sales for a large vitamin brand in 1998 when he asked Timothy Gallwey, “How can I apply The Inner Game to my sales force’s performance.” Tim answered Jeffrey with another question. Tim asked, “Why, in the interaction between a buyer and a seller, is the conversation called ‘selling’? And why would buyers agree to this obviously one-sided definition? Which is more important to both parties—the selling process or the buying process?”

Jeffrey spent the next 20 years answering Tim’s question, consulting with Tim, and experimenting with sales forces. The culmination of this process led Jeffrey to write his book, Selling To The Point.

Selling The The Point turns traditional sales training “inside out.” Jeffrey maintains that “The point of selling isn’t selling, it’s buying. The salesperson’s priority should be the customer’s buying performance, not the salesperson’s selling performance.”

Jeffrey also challenges how traditional sales training books are written like instruction manuals. “That’s not how successful salespeople learn,” he says. Jeffrey wrote Selling To The Point as a fictional story. He says, “Salespeople should be constantly learning through conversations. The book’s principles emerge out of such conversations between characters in his business focused story. This format teaches salespeople to learn from dialogue, the most critical skill for selling success.”

Jeffrey Lipsius and Timothy Gallwey holding up Selling To The Point book

Jeffrey Lipsius
Timothy Galwey


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