Buying-decisions are inherently enjoyable. Most buying decisions made during our daily lives happen effortlessly and naturally. This makes sense when you consider that choice and free will are unique qualities of our human species. Salespeople can observe customer’s natural affinity for making choices. Customers will seek out scenarios that provide increased options for them. Customers will avoid scenarios they perceive as limiting their options.

Buying-decisions don’t always feel as pleasurable as I’m describing. Salespeople can unknowingly play a role in this. When salespeople try to impose their thinking on customers, they make customers think their options are limited. Customers don’t feel the salesperson is allowing them to think however they choose. The salesperson’s thinking may prevail, but at the cost of stifling the customer’s enjoyment of the buying experience.

By Selling To The Point, salespeople can obtain buying-decisions while enhancing their customer’s buying experience. Salespeople who Sell To The Point prioritize the customer’s buying performance over their own selling performance. When salespeople Sell To The Point, they’re more aware of customer’s thoughts and feelings that lead up to buying. The heightened awareness allows salespeople to respond to those thoughts and feelings to obtain buying-decisions. The buying experience for customers is more enjoyable because it’s oriented around them. Traditional sales training, in contrast, relies on salespeople persuading customers to buy-in to the salesperson’s thoughts and feeling. This inevitably leads to an unpleasant buying experience. The customer’s sacrificed enjoyment from traditional selling is completely avoidable. The answer is for Salespeople to Sell To The Point.