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Master the Art of Decision-Coaching in the Convenience of Your Home or Office

What is Selling To The Point® Training?

Selling To The Point® teaches you the mindset, skills, and know-how to improve your customers’ buying performance. Traditional sales training methods only improve selling performance. Unfortunately, a good selling performance only goes so far. If it isn’t matched with a good buying performance from your customer, then you could still lose the sale. Selling To The Point® training makes you a more versatile seller. We give you the ability to adapt. When a good selling performance isn’t enough, you can adapt by improving your customer’s buying performance. New skills are required to influence your customers’ internal decision process. Selling To The Point® training is the only sales training dedicated to providing these essential skills. The online course allows you to learn them in the convenience of your home or office.

How do we Deliver Selling To The Point® Training?

With Selling To The Point’s® on-line course you can master the art of decision-coaching in the comfort of your home or office. It’s like having your own personal sales trainer. The course is delivered on the celebrated BrainX platform. BrainX integrates the personal support of a trained Selling To The Point® coach, with automated learning that adapts to your progress. All the necessary tools are provided for you to quickly convert new learning into profitable action. The platform integrates these learning media:

Video lessons
Lesson transcripts
Recording lessons learned for review
Practicing and applying the skills learned in their sales environment
Answering study questions

The BrainX platform customizes the delivery of information to fit the unique learning style of each learner. The platform constantly monitors each learner’s progress. Using algorithms based on the latest neuroscience of learning, it determines:

When to introduce new information
When to repeat information
How frequently to repeat information
Optimal intervals between sessions
Adjustments to the level of difficulty

Course Timeline:

Most learners can finish the course within 22 to 25 logins. We recommended that you log in
for 15 to 20 minutes each work day. At that pace you would complete the course within 4 to
5 weeks. If you don’t log in that often, it will take you longer. Our pacing recommendation
of 15 to 20 minutes each day is in line with the latest findings from the neuroscience of
learning. Exercising the brain is similar to exercising the body. When metabolism gets
increased, it endures many hours after the original exercise. For this reason we recommend
taking the course in the morning hours. Learners report increased levels of focus and
productivity several hours after working on the course.

Post-Graduate Benefits:

After course graduation you get a certificate of completion, and access to Selling To The Point’s buying-point forum. This is where you can benefit from experiences in the field shared by other Selling To The Point graduates. It’s also a place for getting ideas for Buying-Points, Buying-Point Queries, and Disclaimers from other members of the Selling To The Point community.

Course Outline:

Course 1: The New Mindset

Course 2: Understanding the Process

Course 3: Skills for Mastery

Program Tuition: $950 per person

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