Selling To The Point improves workplace efficiency by increasing sales productivity while decreasing sales costs.  Better efficiency leads to improved productivity. Selling To The Point means a salesperson's goal is buying rather than selling. This objective allows salespeople to achieve the final result, which is buying, with less effort.

Thomas Gilbert, known as the father of human performance technology, defined Performance as, "valued accomplishment derived from costly behavior."  The implication is that every behavior we commit represents a cost, and every accomplishment we achieve is a benefit.  Behavior is what goes away. accomplishment is what's left behind.  Productivity means reducing behavior to a minimum and attaining accomplishments to the maximum.  In the eyes of Performance Technology, every behavior is a cost and every accomplishment is a benefit.  Productivity is valued output against costly effort.  This can also be referred to as "efficiency".  We want to reduce one and increase the other.

In the profession of selling, buying is the valued accomplishment.  All of the things that lead to buying are costly behaviors If salespeople are doing all the work by trying to sell, then a lot of effort and cost is being invested.  Sales professionals need to look at their return and ask, "Is there a less costly way to achieve buying?"

The answer is for salespeople to Sell To The Point!  Selling to The Point techniques shift the burden of effort onto the customer.  This is where the effort belongs. Customers are ultimately responsible for the quality of their buying-decisions. Salespeople are one of the resources customers have at their disposal to achieve this. Salespeople allow the customer's natural decision-making process to progress by not being overly proactive.  In other words, by not trying so hard. Salespeople who Sell To the Point are rewarded with higher job efficiency.  More buying with less trying.