The Social Media revolution has changed the sales and marketing playing field. End users now play an ever-increasing role in product promotion. Brands can no longer control the message being spread around the Internet about their products.

When Salespeople Sell To The Point, they convert this challenge into an opportunity. Selling To The Point means the point of selling is buying. The decision to buy becomes customer derived, rather than salesperson derived. Customers take more ownership for their buying-decisions. They convey positive experiences with the product from a sense of personal pride. These customers will also be more invested in having friends and contacts know about the positive experiences they've had with the product.

Selling To The Point is the selling approach of choice for the social media age. Customers stay in control of their decision-making process from beginning to end. Customers buy products for their own reasons rather than for a salesperson's reasons. Customers know what they were looking for and can readily convey how those expectations were met by your products and services.