The Internet has transformed the salesperson's role, and a new role is emerging.  Salespeople are no longer relied upon to provide product information.  Information on just about any product is now readily available on the Internet.  In addition, the Internet provides consumers with instant access to review by other consumers for many products they're considering.

The new role for salespeople in the Internet age is to assist customers with decision-making itself.  Customers are confronted with more choices than ever before.  Salespeople who Sell To The Point help customers navigate through the complex web of available choices.  Selling To The Point achieves this by helping customers get clear about their wants and needs.

A Selling To the Point approach prioritizes the customer's buying over the salesperson's selling.  This paradigm shift results in salespeople providing value to customers beyond just product knowledge and product recommendations.  The new value offered is helping customers gain "internal" assets needed for making the best buying-decisions.