Be Your Customer's Decision Coach

Selling To The Point

Mindfulness for Salespeople


Companies such as Aetna, Google, General Mills,  SAP, and many others are adding mindfulness training to their employee well-being programs. Research has shown mindfulness training leads to significant improvements in employee absenteeism rates, turnover rates, stress reduction, and overall wellbeing. Employees practicing mindfulness have also reported more creativity and improvement in skills involving cooperation such…

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Customers Buy For Their Own Reasons, Not the Salesperson’s

Reasons Customers Buy

An experience with a salesperson taught me how customers buy for their own reasons, not the salesperson’s. I was leaving an organic food convention when I noticed a doughnut stand vendor who had a significant black eye. Bemused by his unlikely presence at the convention, I asked him how business was. He complained that his “beaten…

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The Point of Selling isn’t Selling; the Point of Selling is Buying

The Point of Selling isn’t Selling; the Point of Selling is Buying. Such a seemingly simple and common sense principle has profound implications for the profession of selling. What exactly is meant by “The Point of Selling is Buying”? Salespeople’s commission isn’t determined by the selling that took place. Salespeople’s commission is determined by the buying…

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