Selling To The Point training® gets the most out of other sales training methods! There are 2 main reasons for this:

1) Selling To The Point training increases customer awareness. Sales training, of any type, is successfully applied when salespeople are more “customer aware”. Customer awareness accelerates the application of any sales training method. Salespeople are best able to test out and modify new selling skills based on observed responses from their customers. Observation accelerates the “fine tuning” and implementation phase of any new skill building.
Increased customer awareness is essential for effective negotiating. Salespeople shift to a stronger negotiating position with awareness of their customer’s desire level. Salespeople will know when it’s unnecessary to offer too much if they notice a high desire level in their customer. Salespeople often negotiate away too much, such as lowering a price, because they were unaware how much the customer wanted the product.

2) Selling To The Point™ training doesn’t overlap the realm of other sales training methods. Selling To The Point™ training operates in the realm of the prospect and his or her internal decision-making process. Other training methods operate mostly in the realm of the salesperson and his or her selling process. These 2 realms work together for overall success. Neither one can be ignored. This is why Selling To The Point™ training will work harmoniously with other sales training methods to augment their effectiveness.