Portrait Of Businesspeople Throwing Currency Note In OfficeSalespeople become more productive by Selling To The Point®.  Selling To The Point® means the point of selling is buying.  Salespeople earn commission based upon what customers buy.  Salespeople's commission is not based upon how hard they try to sell.

To illustrate this, let's use an example of a salesperson on her way to an appointment with a prospective customer. She's prepared to give a good presentation with compelling selling points.  Upon her arrival, however, this salesperson is pleasantly surprised to hear the first words out of her customer's mouth are, "I decided to buy your product right now."  After hearing this, will the salesperson still recite her presentation?  Of course not!  She won't recite her presentation because her goal has been achieved.  The customer bought.  If the customer bought, then there's no longer a reason to sell.  This is why the point of selling is buying.

Traditional sales training misses the point.  Its emphasis is on developing sales presentations.  A salesperson's selling performance is less important than a customer's buying performance.  Salespeople who Sell To The Point® prioritize buying performance over selling performance.  Salespeople get more sales when they help customers buy. Salespeople who understand their customers' buying process are more successful than salespeople who only understand their own selling process.

Selling To The Point®, LLC-Sales Training and Consulting will bring a Selling To The Point approach to your selling efforts.  We teach principles of customer buying and decision-making that traditional sales training doesn't teach.  We train salespeople on techniques designed to help customers buy.  These techniques get salespeople and customers to work together as a team, toward the common goal of buying.

The articles below will show you how Selling To The Point® improves sales performance.