Be Your Customer's Decision Coach

business man at a fork in the road

Have you ever pulled off an excellent selling performance, yet the customer still didn’t buy? You’re not alone, it’s happened to all of us. There will be times when saying all the right things just isn’t enough. The problem isn’t you. Your customer’s decision process itself can be flawed. When customers get in their own way, they lose out on the very things they want and need. Selling To The Point training shows you how to turn this around. We focus on the decisions process itself, how it works, what it needs, obstacles that can interfere, and how you can make a difference.

We teach salespeople how to influence their customer’s decision process for the better. By the way, Selling To The Point isn’t only for salespeople. Anyone wanting to influence the decision making of others in a positive way would benefit from a Selling To The Point approach.

People who apply Selling To The Point principles:

  • Sell More
  • Have better customer relationships
  • Enjoy their jobs as salespeople

Traditional Selling

Selling To The Point®

Salespeople work on the "Selling Conversation" between Salesperson and Customer

Values Salesperson's Selling Performance

Requires Salesperson's thinking to prevail over the Customer's thinking

Salespeople determine which selling points to present

Salespeople try getting Customers to trust them

Reasons to buy are Salesperson derived

Salesperson is the Teacher

Salespeople work on the "Buying Conversation" between their Customer's ears

Values Customer's Buying Performance 

Customers arrive at their decision to buy internally 

The Customer's receptivity determines which selling points a salesperson will present 

Salespeople get Customers to trust their own decision-making ability 

Reasons to buy are Customer derived

Salesperson is the Learner