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Elevate Your Customer’s Decision-Making Quality

Decision-Making Quality

Not all sales are created equal. Some sales result from better decision-making quality than others. For example, an insurance company I worked for gave “quality awards” to deserving agents. Agents earning this award consistently sell policies that stay in force a higher percentage of the time. The same agents tend to win this award year after year.…

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A Silent Conversation Determines Success for all Salespeople!

Every sale involves two conversations. Most attention is paid to “conversation A”. “Conversation A” is the selling-conversation between the salesperson and the customer. However, there’s also a “conversation B”. “Conversation B” is the silent internal buying-conversation happening between the customer’s ears. These are two distinctly different conversations. For example, during the selling-conversation a salesperson may…

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The Point of Selling isn’t Selling; the Point of Selling is Buying

The Point of Selling isn’t Selling; the Point of Selling is Buying. Such a seemingly simple and common sense principle has profound implications for the profession of selling. What exactly is meant by “The Point of Selling is Buying”? Salespeople’s commission isn’t determined by the selling that took place. Salespeople’s commission is determined by the buying…

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