What impression would it leave if someone said to you, “I’m trying to get you to like me”? Your impression probably wouldn’t be good. It might make you feel suspicious, controlled, or manipulated. The same unpleasant feelings may arise if someone said, “I’m trying to get you to trust me”, or, I’m trying to get you to think I’m an expert.” However, salespeople do this all the time. They just don’t outwardly express their agenda. The hidden agenda typically becomes exposed. The result is customers having an unpleasant buying experience.

When salespeople Sell To The Point, they don’t need to “try” building customer rapport. Selling To The Point results in customer rapport developing naturally. This is because salespeople who Sell To The Point give customers what they want from their salespeople. Customers, first and foremost, want their salespeople’s assistance in making the best buying-decisions. Selling To The Point is the perfect answer because it puts salespeople’s focus on their customer’s decision-making.
The art of decision-making is one of the most important skills customers can possess. Customers’ quality of life, socio-economic status, and professional background all resulted from the decisions they’ve made. Salespeople who Sell To The Point understand what customers require for making good decisions. They become their customer’s “decision-coach”. They provide the indispensible service of helping customers navigate the stormy waters of making good buying-decisions. When salespeople Sell To The Point, buying unfolds naturally without the need for aggressive and pushy selling tactics.