Selling to the Point

A 1-hour presentation on the fundamentals for being your customer’s decision coach

We cover:

  • Why employ a decision-coaching strategy?
  • What a decision-coaching approach involves.
  • When is it best to choose a decision-coaching role?
  • How to be an effective decision coach for your customer.
  • Principles of decision coaching

We’ll describe how a customer decision coaching can:

  • Increase sales by leveraging an entirely new strategy
  • Accelerate the buying process and get stuck customers unstuck
  • Create customer motivation and follow through
  • Secure customer loyalty
  • Increase customer receptivity
  • Add power to your value propositions
  • And many more benefits


You’ll learn:

As a salesperson, few experiences are more frustrating than when your selling performance went well but, to your dismay, the prospect didn’t buy. The problem isn’t always you.

Prospects can get in their own way and their decision-making suffers. This presentation teaches salespeople the art of “decision coaching.” You’ll learn the elements of a good buying process and how salespeople can best influence it.


Topics this talk covers:

  • The elements of higher quality decision-making. Common ways prospects interfere, and what salespeople can do to improve it.
  • How to apply performance-coaching principles to decision-making performance.
  • How to increase prospect receptivity and interest.

· Learn a new system for creating motivated prospects who will follow through and remain loyal over time.